Deduction Amounts:

The amount entered will be automatically deducted from your payroll or pension per pay period (bi-weekly or monthly). The grid below is an example of the amounts you can use for monthly deductions:  

Monthly Deduction

Annual Gift Amount
$50.00 $600.00
$41.60 $500.00
$25.00 $300.00
$20.00 $240.00
$10.00 $120.00




This donation form is for UWaterloo Faculty, Staff or Retirees wishing to make their gift through Payroll or Pension Deductions.

For those wishing to make their gift by Credit Card please click here: Credit Card Giving

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A ‘one time gift’ allows you to complete your donation immediately. A ‘payment on an existing pledge’ allows you to fulfill a previous commitment. Please choose ‘multi payment pledge’ if you wish to set up a new commitment over a designated period of time. An ‘ongoing gift’ allows you to set up a new continuous gift – you determine the frequency (monthly or yearly).
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What area would you like to support?

Supporting Waterloo’s highest priority allows the university to quickly respond to student needs and direct funds to projects and initiatives that are the most critical to our success. You can also select a specific project and feel good knowing that 100 per cent of your donation will go towards it.

Waterloo's Priority Projects
Area of Giving Project (fund) % Amt
% $

Do you prefer to remain anonymous?

Some donors prefer to give anonymously. Selecting “yes” ensures that this gift is not included in Waterloo’s donor listings. If you wish all your giving to be anonymous, please add your request to the comment box.

Are you giving jointly with your partner or spouse?

Some donors prefer to be recognized for their support along with their partner or spouse. Selecting “yes” ensures this will happen and allows you to provide us with their name
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Does your company match gifts?

Double your donation! If you are a current employee, retired, the spouse or widow(er) of an employee, or a Board of Directors member, your company may match your contribution to uWaterloo. Select the “Matching Companies” link to determine if your company matches gifts.
Matching Companies

Is your gift in honour or memorial?

In honour gifts are a special way to acknowledge someone important in your life, and are often given to mark a special occasion or show appreciation. Memorial gifts are a special way to remember someone special who has passed away.

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For additional safety and security, Waterloo requires that you enter your Card Security Code (CSC). For Visa and MasterCard, the CSC is the last three digits in the signature area on the back of your card. For Amex, the CSC is the group of four digits on the front your card, above the embossed numbers.
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The Laurel Society honours those who plan to leave a legacy at Waterloo.

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